Resin Color Developer RD9870A
Product Introduction:

RD9870A is the resin color developer of modified zinc salicylate with some characteristics of phenolic resin. It exhibits excellent quality at normal and low temperature, such as: Color developing, intensity, aging performance and so on. Its comprehensive performance is superior., so RD9870A is one of Richful’s leading products, which are popular in industry of carbonless copy paper at home and abroad.
Application Method
CF paste process: add and stir water in the tank, then put into the dispersant and solid materials and mix to keep even distribution at the high speed. Slow down the stiring speed to add the prepared starch gum and then mix for 15-20 mins. The next step is to adjust PH value to 9.5-10.5 and pour into the resin color developer slowly, mix them for a certain period to get the even distribution. Finally add SBR latex slowly and mix the paste for 15-20 mins. The PH value of the prepared CF paste is about 7.5.

Product Technical Specification:



Test methods


Milk white emulsion

Visual inspection

Solid content, %

≥ 45

Q/XRF 001-2018

Viscosity (25 °C), mPa.s


Q/XRF 001-2018

Particle diameter distribution, %


Q/XRF  001-2018

pH value


Q/XRF 001-2018

Zinc content (dry basis), %


Q/XRF  001-2018

Note: The partial diameter distribution in the standard specially refers to cumulative frequency of 0-1μm.

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

1. plastic barrel package (220 kg/barrel) or customization according to the client’s request. The package should avoid colliding with edge tool to prevent leakage.
2. Transportation: motor, train and sea , or customization according to the client’s request.
3. The storage and transportation temperature required 0-50 °C. The shelf life is 6 months.
4. This product is non-toxic and no corrosive. If it contacts with the skin carelessly, rinse with detergent and water thoroughly.