Resin Color Developer RD9880U
Product Introduction:

RD9880U is a resin color developer of zinc salicylate with the excellent color developing speed in normal temperature and even better color developing speed and intensity in low temperature. Meanwhile, it has excellent low viscosity, good adaptability and so on. It is widely used in carbonless copying paper-making industry.
Application Method
It is highy recommanded to use by mixing with resin color developer 9870 series, and the mixing ratio is about 12%-25%.For the detailed process of preparing CF paste, please find the method of preparing CF  paste of resin color developer.

Product Technical Specification:
ItemsIndicesTest methods
AppearanceMilk white emulsion    
Visual inspection
Solid content, %≥ 45Q/XRF   001-2018  
Viscosity (25 °C), mPa.s 20~200Q/XRF   001-2018
Particle diameter distribution, %≥65Q/XRF   001-2018
pH value4.0~6.0Q/XRF   001-2018
Zinc content (dry basis), %≥6.5Q/XRF   001-2018
Note: The partial diameter distribution in the standard specially refers to cumulative frequency of 0-1μm.


Packaging Storage and Transportation:

1. plastic barrel package (220 kg/barrel) or customization according to the client’s request. The package should avoid colliding with edge tool to prevent leakage.
2. Transportation: motor, train and sea , or customization according to the client’s request.
3. The storage and transportation temperature required 0-50 °C. The shelf life is 6 months.
4. This product is non-toxic and no corrosive. If it contacts with the skin carelessly, rinse with detergent and water thoroughly.