RF5571 Metal Deactivator Benzotriazole Derivatives
Product Introduction:

RF5571 refers to an liquid oil-soluble metal deactivator benzotriazole derivatives with a yellow transparent appearance. It has excellent copper corrosion inhibition and oxidation resistance properties. It can form an inert film on the metal surface or form chelates with metal ions to prevent metal corrosion and inhibit the catalytic effect of metal ions on oil oxidation. In the meanwhile, it has prominent synergistic effect when combined with other antioxidants, which improves the antioxidant properties and prolongs the service life of oil products.

Recommended Treat Rate (Weight)


Main Application

RF5571 is a highly-effective multifunctional additive, which can be widely used in a variety of lubricating oils, such as turbine oil, oil film bearing oil, industrial gear oil, transformer oil, general machine tool oil, circulating oil and other industrial lubricating oils.

Product Technical Specification:



Test Method


Yellow transparent liquid

Visual Inspection

Density (20℃), kg/m3


SH/T0604, ASTM D4052

Kinematic Viscosity (40), mm2/s


GB/T265, ASTM D445

Flash Point (COC), ℃


GB/T3536, ASTM D92

Total Base Number, mgKOH/g


SH/T0251, ASTM D2896

Copper Corrosion, rating


GB/T5096, ASTM D130

Note: 0.3% additive was added in 150N base oil, test temperature:150℃, duration: 1 hour.

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

The products are packed in iron drums with a net weight of 180kg. Applicable to various modes of transportation.

SH0164 standard shall be implemented during storage, loading, unloading and blending of this product, maximum temperature shall not exceed 75 ℃. Long-term storage temperature shall not exceed 45℃. The shelf life of the product is two years.

This product is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive and does not need special protection. In case of accidental contact with skin, wash it off thoroughly with water and detergents.