RF2215 Zinc Propyl Octyl Secondary-Primary Alkyl Dithiophosphate
Product Introduction:

RF2215 refers to a zinc propyl octyl secondary-primary alkyl dithiophosphate, which is with outstanding anti-oxidation, anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance, as well as excellent hydrolytic and thermal stability. It is able to inhibit oil oxidation and reduce wear when added. This product is widely used in the formulation of premium gasoline engine oil. The recommended treat rate is 0.5-2.5% (m%).

Product Technical Specification:



Test Method


Light yellow to amber transparent liquid

Visual Inspection

Density (15℃), kg/m3


SH/T0604, ASTM D4052

Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/s


GB/T265, ASTM D445

Flash Point (PMCC), ℃


GB/T261, ASTM D93

Zn Content, m%


NB/SH/T0824, ASTM D4951

P Content, m%


NB/SH/T0824, ASTM D4951

S Content, m%


SH/T0303, ASTM D1552

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

The product is packed in iron drums with a net weight of 200kg, applicable to various modes of transportation. 

The maximum storage and transportation temperature shall not exceed 75℃ in short term, and shall not exceed 45℃ in long term. The shelf life is 2 years, stored in dry, clean, ventilated warehouse. 

This product is not flammable, explosive and corrosive, with no special protection required. In case of accidental contact with skin, wash it off thoroughly with water and detergents.