RF1153 High Nitrogen Polyisobutylene Mono-Succinimide Ashless Dispersant
Product Introduction:

RF1153 High Nitrogen Polyisobutylene Bi-Succinimide Ashless Dispersant manufactured with highly active polyisobutylene, through thermal process, provides excellent detergency and dispersancy, which can inhibit the formation of carbon and varnish on engine pistons, especially in low temperature sludge dispersancy. This product is chlorine-free, and has good compatibility with detergent and ZDDP.

Product Technical Specification:



Test Method


Transparent viscous liquid

Visual Inspection

Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/s

Actual Test

GB/T265, ASTM D445

Flash Point (COC), ℃


GB/T3536, ASTM D92

Total Base Number, mgKOH/g  


SH/T0251, ASTM D2896

N Content, m%


SH/T0704, ASTM D5762

Color Number


GB/T6540, ASTM D1500

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

The product is packed in iron drums with a net weight of 170kg, applicable to various modes of transportation.

The maximum storage and transportation temperature shall not exceed 75℃ in short term, and shall not exceed 45℃ in long term. The shelf life is 2 years, stored in dry, clean, ventilated warehouse.

In case of accidental contact with skin, wash it off thoroughly with water and detergents.