RF1121 Medium Based Sulfurized Calcium Alkyl Phenate
Product Introduction:

Medium Based Sulfurized Calcium Alkyl Phenate is manufactured with dodecylphenol as the main raw material with the process of neutralization, sulfurization and mid-alkalization reaction. The component boasts excellent high-temperature detergency, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, as well as moderate acid-neutralization, demulsibility and oil solubility properties. It has preferable compatibility with other additives, as well as positive effect on reducing piston groove deposit of diesel engine, and is widely used for mid-tier and premium engine oil formulations.

Product Technical Specification:



Test Method

Density (20℃), kg/m3


GB/T13377, ASTM D4052

Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/s


GB/T265, ASTM D445

Flash Point (COC), ℃


GB/T3536, ASTM D92

Total Base Number, mgKOH/g  


SH/T0251, ASTM D2896

Ca Content, m%


NB/SH/T0824, ASTM D4951

S Content, m%


SH/T0303, ASTM D1552

Water Content, m%


GB/T260, ASTM D95

Mechanical Impurities, m%



Packaging Storage and Transportation:

Packed in 200L iron drums or as required by customers. Suitable for container and land transportation.

The maximum storage temperature shall not exceed 45℃. This product is not flammable, explosive and corrosive. In terms of safety, environmental protection and use, it is the same as general petroleum products with no special protection required. Avoid contact with strong oxidant during application and shelf life: 2 years.

In case of accidental contact with skin, wash it off thoroughly with water and detergents.