RF6311 Marine Cylinder Oil Package
Product Introduction:

RF6311 Marine Cylinder Oil Package is formulated with high-quality detergent, dispersant, and other additive components. The formulated oil 5040 provides excellent detergency, dispersancy and anti-wear performance, and neutralizes acid substance immediately. This product meets low sulfur two-stroke low speed cross-head marine diesel engine cylinder lubrication specifications.

Product Technical Specification:

Recommended Treat Rate

Marine Cylinder Oil5040
RF6311 Treat Rate13.6%

Performance Characteristic

1. RF6311 Marine Cylinder oil package formulated with in-house high-quality detergent anti-oxidant and other additive components, is of high product quality, stability and cost effective.

2. The formulated oil providing acid neutralization performance, effectively mitigates acid cold corrosion caused by low cylinder temperature, protects the integrity of cylinder liner, reduces bore polishing, and extends engine maintenance interval.

3. The formulated oil provides excellent anti-wear performance, effectively improves the hydrodynamic and boundary lubricating performance of the cylinder oil, and prolongs the service life of the engine.

4. RF6311 sophisticated formula with high-performance high-temp anti-oxidant, effectively enhance the cylinder wall stay of the oil and ensure lasting anti-oxidant performance while reducing oil injection rate.

ItemIndexTest Method
Density (20℃), kg/m³1091-1131SH/T 0604, ASTM D4052
Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/sReportGB/T 265, ASTM D445
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g270-330SH/T 0251, ASTM D2896
Flash Point (COC), ℃≥180GB/T 3536, ASTM D92
Ca Content, %(m/m)9.94-12.16GB/T 17476, ASTM D4951

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

Packed in 200L iron drums or as required by customers, subject to the actual weight.

The long-term storage temperature shall not exceed 45℃, and the loading/unloading or blending temperature shall not exceed 65℃.

This product is not flammable, explosive and corrosive. In terms of safety, environmental protection and use, it is the same as general petroleum products with no special protection required.